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Meet Edwige

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Edwige A. Robinson is a transformational leader and distinguished innovator who consistently bridges the gap between engineering, technology and business. The West Africa Native, from Cote d’ Ivoire, is recognized as one of the nation’s most powerful Women in Tech.


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Edwige A Robinson is here to share her wealth of knowledge and insight. If you're looking to learn more about her, download the media kit below. Get ready to be inspired!


With 25+ years of experience in Technology & Leadership realms, she believes in a more diverse & inclusive Tech World!


Edwige A. Robinson is a transformational leader, speaker, and distinguished innovator and visionary, who deftly uses engineering, technology, and her business expertise to bring the future to the present for her team and her customers.


Edwige started her career in Technology as a Field Technician, walking the pavement and climbing rooftops across Washington, DC. From this beginning, she understood that she could impact customer experience, learned the power of strategic planning, and sought out every opportunity to learn and mold her craft. On those rooftops, she began to cultivate the industry leader she would become.


Today, Edwige is the Senior Vice President of Network Engineering & Operations and Transformation of the Central Region at T-Mobile US. She is responsible for 23 states with a P&L of $3B+, leading more than 5000 employees and contractors who design, build, and maintain a cutting-edge 5G Network. As part of her leadership, she works across the business to co-create strategy with the Presidents of Consumer Market, T-Mobile for Business, and Customer Service, to ensure that the network enables sustainable growth, closes the digital divide and supports emerging AI products and technologies. She also works with executive leaders across industries including health, transportation, sports, and the US Government, to deploy connectivity, coverage, and speed to venues and businesses across the country worth Millions of dollars annually. Reporting to the President of Technology, she has the ear and the respect of the Senior Leadership Team.

My Journey


My Childhood

I come from Abobo, a ghetto neighborhood in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. My journey is ONE of adversity, perseverance, and success.

Cote d'Ivoire… A very beautiful country.

The land of golden beaches, the world's largest producer of Cocoa, home to the football legend Didier Drogba and host to the largest church in the world.

However, poverty, prostitution, and civil unrest are evident as a struggling economy.



“Why would you go to a country where you cannot even speak their language? Who does that?”

So, I arrived in the United States holding tightly to my suitcase in my right hand and my English dictionary is in my left hand.

I quickly seized the opportunity and this graveyard job allowed me to learn about AC/DC, resistors and transistors, different temperatures to test hardware, how to do audits, etc. I was the only female, but I did not care — I was able to take care of myself and also send money back to the Ivory Coast to take care of my family. 



I served in several Advisory Board's roles driving STEM education to underserved communities.

From the ghettos of Cote d'Ivoire to today a SVP at T-Mobile - a fortune 100 company with $70B in revenues, responsible for leading a team of over 4000+ to design, build and operate a cutting-edge 5G network.

The sky is not the limit, because there is no limit!

Belief in yourself.

Believe It’s Possible 

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