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Meet - Edwige A. Robinson

With 25+ years of experience in Technology & Leadership realms, she believes in a more diverse & inclusive Tech World!

Edwige is a distinguished Technologist, Transformational and heart - centered leader who is consistently bridging the gaps between Engineering and business domains. Described as the Translator of new innovations, she is a  “ Triple Minority” in tech - A native of Ivory Coast, West Africa - a foreigner, being female, and black, she is known for her unwavering courage and optimism.  

Despite countless obstacles to impede her success, she forged ahead and has succeeded in vital roles at major companies such as Hugues Networks Systems, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, NBC Universal and more.


She is highly pragmatic and creatively focused on enhancing the Customer Experience with the aim of reducing churn, increasing ARPU and building loyalty. She believes in creating strategies that combine Technology, Culture and Operations together to create experiences that benefit both the customer and the companies’ bottom line. Therefore, during her tenure, these businesses achieved record subscriber’s growth and their highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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Edwige has driven inclusion and equity efforts throughout her career.


Edwige is also best known for championing women in technology and leadership. She believes being an authentic role model is part of her calling. She supports gender inclusivity in the workplace and works tirelessly towards that goal. She is a beacon of hope and strength in helping people see that it is possible for them as well to succeed.  

A mentor for young women in Technology, she was recently recognized by Aleria Tech as one of the “Awesome Black Women Everyone Should Know” and by the 1 million STEM women (1MWIS) as a Visible Role Model who inspires the next generation of girls. (1MWIS) is a global network of women in STEM.

She sits on several Advisory Boards driving STEM education to underserved communities. She helps organizations understand and leverage diversity; while engaging, energizing, and empowering employees to excel.

Edwige is known to share her experience authentically and teach her audience how to become Courageous Leaders for a better world;

It’s time to break free of limited thinking to embrace your inner strength and leverage your uniqueness to your advantage. Edwige helps audience to better understand how to communicate effectively their strengths, audaciously embrace courage and confidently reach their highest self manifestation. Her audience leaves feeling empowered to act and make an impact.

If you need an uplifting speaker to help motivate your audience, you are in the right place. ​Book Edwige now.


Mission & Passion


Achieve An

In The Technology Industry and C-LEVEL 



Leverage the power of inclusion to foster creativity & drive transformational innovation


An inclusive working world will take courageous leadership

Cultivating a Courage Mindset to change our world

Believe It’s possible

Mission and Passion


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