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Igniting hope & encouraging gender and minority inclusion in the tech-world are inseparable passions of mine.




Achieve an Equity-Inspired   Tech World

From the ghettos of Africa and now one of the most powerful women in a male-dominated technology sector - I have seen life closely. 

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My vantage point provides me with an opportunity to inspire and give hope to those who have none. To those who have been shunned and forgotten by society. To those who have a hidden fire in them - which is just waiting for a spark.


That spark could be me.

I believe in storytelling and changing lives through the power of spoken words. My unique value propositions have propelled me to be a thought leader, awards winner and a reference in the speaking industry. 

My years of experience serving brands and clients have taught me not to see achievement as personal gains but rather as a challenge to keep improving myself and impacting the world in my own little way.


"Hope is a match in a dark tunnel, a moment of light, just enough to reveal the path ahead and ultimately the way out.” - Dr. Judith Rich 

  • Powerful Motivator​ & Uniquely Inspiring 

  • Global Keynote Speaker & Storyteller

  • Triple Minority: Black | Female | Immigrant

  • Renowned Technologist & Futuristic 

  • Deployed proven framework for women to succeed in technology & leadership.

  • Authentically teach her audience how to become courageous & driven leaders

  • She believes that role models are beacons of hope and bridges to possibilities.

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